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Purchasing tickets to see many shows can be expensive but it doesn’t always have to be. If you have to travel into London there isn’t a great deal that can be done about the price of traveling but if you are trying to keep the price of theatre tickets to the smallest then check out the following on how to find cheap or free theatre tickets:

Advance bookings
One way to buy cheap tickets for a show is to book several months in advance, particularly if there is an amount of cheaper seats available for early bookings. If it is a really popular show at least with this process you have your booking assured and won’t be panicking closer to the time. The possible downside (although unlikely for a very popular show) is that there may be cheaper seats available closer to your chosen date. This booking alternative would in all probability be best suited for a popular show.

Buy on the day
Okay, the primary trouble with this, is that you cannot always guarantee that you will manage to buy a ticket to see the show that you have your heart set on. It is great if you are in London for the day and are willing to take a chance and also get to the theatre early to be at the front of the (potential) queue. All the same, some people buy their tickets on the day of the show and make their travel arrangements to suit that, but if you want advance peace of mind this option may not be for you.

Where to buy the cheapest tickets on the day of the performance that may be for the front row? One option is Day Seats or Day Tickets. Most shows will offer ‘Day Seat’ tickets with a selected number of cheaper seats available on the day of the show. Be prepared to get there early as I have read of queues for some shows starting to form overnight. In the summer it isn’t unusual to see a queue at 8:00am (or before) for popular shows.

For general sale tickets you can normally book online up to within an hour of show-time and for shows that are not fully booked there may be discounted tickets available, although likely to be for the Upper Circle or Balcony and not the front row as with a ‘day seat’.
Returns can frequently be bought from the theatre’s box office, due to people who have cancelled their booking at the last minute. It is worth checking at the theatre on the day to see if there are any returns available at a cheaper price.

The final option to buy on the day is for personal vistors to the box office who are over 60, unemployed, a full-time student or a theatre union member. Most London theatres have a standby rate selling unsold seats for about 70% discount, and usually an hour before the show. Take relevant valid ID student cards or pension book / entitlement card. If in doubt contact the theatre box office before.

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There are many places to buy last minute theatre tickets - just ensure you have a trustworthy ticket seller.
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